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Taking a rustic approach to jewelry displays

Taking a rustic approach to jewelry displays

Looking for a new way to display your jewelry? Bust and neck forms are classic ways to show off your gorgeous necklaces and pendants, and ring and bracelet displays are perfect for putting the spotlight on the jewels that adorn fingers and wrists. However, sometimes the best method for drawing attention to certain jewelry items is to display them the old fashioned way.

Vintage and antique styles are trendy right now. Using the right display fixtures and props can give nearly any type of jewelry an estate feel, or make your shoppers feel like they found a treasure in a thrift shop.

Smoke and mirrors

Smoke may not be the best way to draw in customers, but mirrors are. Most jewelry stores have plenty of mirrors around the store so shoppers can try on items and see how they complement their features, and most shop owners know how mirrors can make a space look larger. However, placing mirrors beneath your merchandise is a fantastic way to show shoppers all angles of the piece while creating an elegant store display. Look for antique mirrors with chunky frames or get a mirror tray with a distressed metal frame. Placing stands and small bowls on the mirrors can also give more dimension to the display.

Vintage trays

Remember those old tin trays your grandmother used to serve lunch or tea on? Antique shops and flea markets still sell these funky vintage gems, which are characterized by painted flowers or floral patterns. Channel the vintage feel of these old trays with floral print tin trays to show off your bangles and rings. They will remind customers of picking through their grandmother's jewelry on her dressing table. 

Antique wood replica bowls and trays

Wood is a perfect backdrop for vintage jewelry and other merchandise. Of course, you will want display fixtures that look time-worn and antique, which is why antique replica bowls and trays are perfect for your jewelry. Look for a tray with different compartments for rings, pins and earrings to keep everything neat and organized but still rustic-looking.

Mixing any number of these flea market-inspired display fixtures is a surefire way to get customers to take a second look at your beautiful jewelry!