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Take steps for a happy, healthy, prosperous winter

Take steps for a happy, healthy, prosperous winter

As we reach that point in winter where it feels like the sky will always be gray and the ground forever frozen, it’s important to make your business a happy, healthy and prosperous place. To get customers in the door despite harsh weather, your company should have a comfortable space for them to enjoy.

This winter, take the following steps to ensure the business and its patrons are in optimal condition.

Winter is notorious for bringing everyone’s mood down. Between the sun setting before dinnertime and plummeting temperatures, it’s unsurprising that many people find themselves experiencing seasonal depression. While there’s only so much you can do to influence your customers’ moods, consider dedicating part of your time to making shoppers happy. You can craft store displays with positive messages or give patrons something extra, like useful promotional products that are branded with your business’ name.

Don’t forget about the staff’s morale during this gloomy time. Take the opportunity to show employee appreciation this month, whether it’s with a pizza party or small gifts. Your staff will know that the business respects and cherishes them, which can result in better performance and employee loyalty.

It’s important to keep your customers and staff safe and healthy during winter months.

When it’s snowy or icy, the parking lot and walkways around your store need to be tended to. Be sure you have a plow on standby to clear the parking lot so customers can give you business. The sidewalks should be shoveled or snowblowed, then coated with ice melt or salt. This will prevent shoppers from slipping and falling outside the store, which could result in a lawsuit against your company. Additionally, clear the roof of any snow that could drop onto patrons as they walk in or out of the business.

Germs run rampant when temperatures drop, so you should be disinfecting surfaces in your store regularly. Put bottles of hand sanitizer in various areas of the space, especially near the cash register. Your employees should use anti-bacterial products before assisting guests to make sure they aren’t spreading a cold or flu.

“If you want customers to venture out into winter weather for a shopping trip, it’s best for you to provide a comfortable and cozy store atmosphere.”

When the weather outside is frightful, you better hope the environment inside your store is delightful. If you want customers to venture out into winter weather for a shopping trip, it’s best for you to provide a comfortable and cozy store atmosphere.

To start, the entryway should have plenty of mats for customers to wipe their feet on. This will keep salt, snow and dirt from being tracked through the store, which is unsightly and potentially a slipping hazard. On that note, be prepared to use “slippery when wet” signs if your floor is tile or wood. Additionally, shoppers will want an area to place their wet umbrellas as they come into the store. Depending on the type of clientele you serve, a coat and hat rack may be an excellent investment for the store’s entrance.