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Take advantage of fall sales to prepare for the future

Take advantage of fall sales to prepare for the future

Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the prospect of preparing your store for the holiday shopping rush? Use fall sales as an opportunity to begin preparing for the future by outfitting your shop with long-lasting and adaptable display fixtures.

Clearly mark sales
During any holiday or discount event, you will want customers to be able to easily identify which items are on sale and what specific deals they can expect. Consider purchasing durable promotional posters that can be stored and reused over a long period of time to advertise bargains. Signs and banners with generic messages can help patrons find discount products. Give your marketing efforts personality with adaptable chalk and dry erase message boards, or a changeable sidewalk swinger sign with replaceable lettering.

Implement moveable features
To rearrange your store without remodeling, look for display cases and fixtures that can be moved with minimal effort. For example, display table sets are a lightweight and mobile option for stylishly featuring sale items. To account for bulk items, you may want to consider moveable pieces with larger volumes, such as a wheeled dump table or other rolling option. Display cubes and bases also offer a versatile option for showcasing products, as they are comparatively lightweight and can be mixed and matched to create a variety of visual effects. Instead of letting each unit stand on its own, try clustering three or four cubes of different heights to promote a certain set of related products.

Add durable new fixtures
When looking to invest in your store’s appearance, you probably want to select quality pieces that can be used for non-sale season as well as during the holidays. Consider fall sales as an opportunity to introduce a new item that can become a store staple. For example, you can add a pop of color with a C3 custom color mannequin or apparel rack. The models and display units are resistant to chips and scratches, and can offer a long-lasting option for incorporating color into your interior design.

Select seasonal-nonspecific items
Although it may be a good idea to have gift wrapping that corresponds with specific holidays or times of year, you may also want to invest in packaging options that are appropriate for any season. Retail shopping bags in neutral tones can be purchased along with a variety of wholesale ribbon to create tasteful gift packages that appeal to customers year-round.