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Take acrylic to the next level in your retail space

Take acrylic to the next level in your retail space

When you think of outfitting your shop with display fixtures, what comes to mind? If you envisioned wooden or metal furnishings, you’re certainly on the right track, but have you thought outside of the box in terms of materials?

Many store owners steer away from glass items because they’re heavier and more prone to breaking than metal or wooden ones. If you want the sleek appeal of such surfaces without having to sacrifice structural integrity, consider implementing acrylic fixtures, which offer the same appearance but significantly less weight and potential for breaking.

Acrylic basics
You might be wondering: What is acrylic, exactly? The synthetic fiber is sometimes referred to as acrylic glass, but is not actually a type of glass. Instead, acrylic is a light and shatter-resistant material that acquired the nickname because of its similar transparency.

Acrylic store fixtures are wide in their variety and – because they’re clear – can be incorporated into a broad range of interior designs. Some of the basics include acrylic display cases, which come in both open- and closed-front varieties. The closed options function like a traditional glass display unit and allow store owners to add an additional layer of protection between their customers and products.

Cubes are another standard store fixture type that offers both functionality and flexibility. By stacking acrylic cubes, store owners can create a compartmentalized shelving unit or opt for an unstructured look that can be particularly fetching in front windows.

Creativity with acrylic
Going beyond the basics, acrylic can be incorporated into a variety of smaller fixtures as well. Consider item-specific displays, such as those customized to highlight footwear or jewelry. From using necklace racks to countertop cases, anything can be shown off with acrylic. Furthermore, showcases and risers can accentuate individual products without drawing attention away from their own unique aspects. Use them to support shoes

Because acrylic items are clear, the possibilities for customizing are nearly endless. Play around with color and lighting to match the pieces to any theme. You can line cubes with fabric of varying hues and patterns, or surround them with shimmering garlands and strand lighting for additional pizzazz.

As stated, acrylic’s appearance makes it an optimal material for incorporation into any store theme. However, it can be particularly ideal for shops with a modern appeal. If your space follows that interior decor, consider looking for acrylic items with bold shapes and angles.