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Table displays ideas for sandals

Table displays ideas for sandals

Shoppers have waited all year for the beach weather to arrive, and now that it’s finally here, you should have store displays set up for everything they’ll need to enjoy the season. Once customers find their summer outfits, they’ll be looking for what to put on their feet next.

Sandals are very popular during the season and make ideal footwear for excursions to the beach, but it can sometimes be difficult to showcase them in an interesting way. Shoe racks provide many options, but don’t really make any of the items on them pop out. You have to use some creativity if you’re going to catch the attentions of shoppers and focus it on your collections of sandals.

Give them their own space
You can use display tables to give your sandals enough room for the spotlight to shine on your variety. Many of the traditional store fixtures that hold sandals do nothing but that, but when they have a whole table to work with, possibilities open up.

Whether you want to highlight certain products, only displaying a select few, or putting out as many choices as you can fit, display tables make it easy for you to present your inventory in whatever way you want. Sandals can easily fall through the cracks on shoe racks, especially when customers are sifting through them. When sandals are on a table, shoppers have the advantages of an exhibit without having to worry about putting the flimsy items back in order.

How to give them attention
With sandals, there are no mannequins or jersey forms to properly showcase them. However, there are a few other fixtures that can help shopper’s visualize what the products would look like on them. Show stands can be easily added to any display table and if used sparingly with other sandals on the table, they can accentuate certain styles even further.

On the other hand, or in this case the other foot, you can use sandal forms for a more realistic approach to your display. These forms can demonstrate how your products would fit on someone while also incorporating into the summer theme. Many of your customers will either be barefoot or in sandals this season and your displays can fall in step with the summertime trend.

For a more personal touch, you can paint the nails of your shoe forms to give them some individuality and maybe even use complementing colors to emphasize the specific sandal being presented.