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Table displays can help advance a store makeover

Table displays can help advance a store makeover

Are you looking for a way to refresh the look and feel of your store? You don’t have to pour a lot of money into a major remodeling project – instead, invest wisely in a few key resources to give your store a breath of fresh air without breaking the bank.

Changing up table displays can be a quick and easy way to give your store a makeover. For example, moving display tables to a new location may improve the flow of shopper traffic throughout the room. You may even be able to highlight some products or sections that were once largely ignored, providing more opportunities for customers to find something they love and for you to make a sale.

Focusing on remodeling table displays also allows for some flexibility on the products you want to highlight. Accessories, body products, pants, shoes and sweaters can all be easily showcased on a flat display, which makes investing in tables an important step.

Instead of simply moving items around, you should consider altering the display tables you use to show the pieces. Using specific colors, even if they are just white or black, can help emphasize certain products. Special designs that go behind a standard table also add flair to a store, so you can make the displays seem more modern, vintage, preppy or any other style that fits with the marketing of your boutique.

Revamping table displays maximizes the use of space in a given store. Corner units and shelving take advantage of areas that may have once been wasted and give them new life. Traditional tables can also be built up with the help of surfaces that have multiple levels or sizes, which allow you to utilize space above and below a standard display.

You’ll undoubtedly want to make the most of every part of your store, and purchasing store fixtures that capitalize on any and all available room is a solid first step to doing just that.

The visual aspect of table displays is incredibly important in today’s world. By taking the time to refresh the tables in your store, you can improve how the room looks as a whole while also spotlighting certain products and, ultimately, put yourself in a better position to make a sale.