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Summer scarf displays to round out outfits

Summer scarf displays to round out outfits

Summer is the season of accessories and many shoppers will be out looking for that extra addition to make their outfits complete. While many customers will be planning their big seasonal adventures, take this opportunity to move all of the smaller products in your store into the spotlight for everyone to see.

People will be looking for sunglasses, sandals, bathing suits, hats and more to prepare for their time outside in the warm weather. It’s easy to get overwhelmed as an upcoming event draws near so shoppers might forget a small accessory that could make a huge difference to the satisfaction of their day. Scarves aren’t just for winter, but that they can provide people many benefits in warm weather.

You may want to set up store displays to remind shoppers that a light fabric scarf can help keep someone cool in the summer just as much as the thicker ones provide warmth on winter. Use store fixtures that cover products too much, so your summer scarves can have a chance to join patrons in the sun this year.

Make scarves a part of the wardrobe
All of the mannequins you have showcasing the various clothes you’re offering can always be enhanced with the addition of accessories. Not only will these small improvements help round out the apparel on display, but they give you a chance to showcase some of the smaller items in your stock.

Mannequins are one of the most visual exhibits you have in your store. You can easily throw a complementing summer scarf around the neck of one of your models to give it some extra attention. When your figures are completely equipped just as a real person would be before heading out, it shows customers just how many accessories and clothing combinations they can try out during the trips they make outside this summer.

A window display can easily be transformed into a scarf-centric showcase with scarves hanging not just around the necks of your models, but from the ceiling as well in a demonstration of color and beauty. Your inventory can sometimes make up an entire display if used right, promoting not just the main focus of the arrangement, but every contributing factor.

Little reminders around the store
You can set up smaller scarf displays around the store as well to catch the attention of the shoppers milling around the interior of the building. Positioning scarves strategically near the types of clothes that are more likely to benefit from them is a good way to encourage people to buy the items together.

Summers scarves don’t need their own display tables and can be shown off on a variety of store fixtures, big and small. Simple display hooks can be attached to the walls near the store racks of beach hats and sunglasses so the products are all within reach. Hang mirrors nearby too, so shoppers can check out the different looks.

If you want to put the scarves on the racks themselves, there are scarf hangers that keep them orderly for shoppers to sift through. The scarves on hangers can be paired with matching products and kept near them to inspire customers looking for a more complete outfit.

As a last attempt to remind people of your scarves, a revolving scarf stand located on your counters and near your registers puts the accessories right in front of people’s faces before they leave. These items have a good chance of being quickly added to a basket before checkout as the final chance for customers to grab the accessories they’ll need this summer.