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Summer promotions to get your inventory out in the sun

Summer promotions to get your inventory out in the sun

The summer weather is finally here and shoppers are out looking for the outfits that’ll best serve them and the activities they plan on doing this season. Depending on the customer, people will be looking for different things to serve them this year, whether it’s the right shoes for hiking or the perfect bathing suit for the beach. Either way you have to prepare your store displays for every option shoppers might be looking for.

With the season also comes the events and promotions that will help get customers in through the door. It’s a good idea to plan the theme of your building around any ideas you already have so you can maximize its execution and make the biggest impact on sales.

Straight from the mannequin
A lot of the time, shoppers are entranced by the showcases involving your mannequins. However, it may be difficult for the to recreate the combinations of clothes and accessories displayed. For a summer promotion, you can transform the mannequins in your store into not just models, but sales associates too.

Keep the outfits demonstrated on mannequins nearby for a straight-from-the-mannequin event where customers can take the same outfits your fixtures are wearing. You can discount the packaged items to make the offer more inviting and even assemble the combinations ahead of time in shopping bags or boxes distinguished by sizes.

For once people won’t have to scrounge around to find the pieces that make up an outfit they see in your store. Highlight the best of your summer selection on your mannequins and make it easy for shoppers to buy the entire outfit.

An in-store scavenger hunt
Sometimes when you give shoppers a little push to discover things for themselves, that’s all they need to ignite a shopping fervor. One promotion you can hold throughout your whole shop is a scavenger hunt of sorts where all the clothes on your store racks are marked with a color code attached to their hangers.

Every piece of clothing can be subject to a discount when bought together with pieces marked by the same color, encouraging shoppers to really go through all of your inventory to find the best possible combinations. This is an interesting way to get people to shop in areas of your building they might not have normally visited and look at products they might have normally passed by.

You and your employees have to be careful though to make sure some shoppers don’t move around the colored markers or switch hangers, but with enough vigilance, this promotion can be a nice change amidst the rest of customers’ summer shopping.