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Summer items to put on clearance now

Summer items to put on clearance now

Most shoppers should be well into their beach season, but there’s still a way you can bring customers into your store to help clear out the last of your seasonal inventory. A summer clearance sale might get people away from the beaches long enough to pick up some last-minute summer items or get an early start on next year.

Whether customers just want to breathe some new life into their hot-weather wardrobe or put your collection to use at the pinnacle of the season, you need to carefully select the items that will most apply to the activities that are popular this time of year. Pick products that will emphasize the larger and more stylish stock, but are also desirable enough to bring people in through the doors.

It’s time to start thinking about clearing some room for when your fall inventory arrives, and the best way to do that is by using a clearance event to drive in extra traffic.

Grab people’s attention with bold exclamations
If you want shoppers to flock to your store, you need to get the word out that your establishment is the place to be for people’s summer needs. Set up very visual store displays to capture the attention of pedestrians and line your windows with promotional posters amplifying the message with color and concise meaning.

No matter what you select to sell for your clearance event, you need customers to enter and browse around if you want to make a profit. Signs can help convey the message, but display fixtures adorned in your bargains, like mannequins, sell the idea.

These all-encompassing displays are a great way to show off the clearance items while also mixing in some of your normal-priced stock that can help accentuate the inventory you’re pushing. Setting up combinations can help convince shoppers that particular pieces were meant to be worn together and with one of them being at a lower price, the deal will seem nearly too good to be true.

Introducing your wares to the world
One of the main points of a summer clearance event is the preparation for colder times. All of your clothes and accessories for summer will do nothing but take up space in the winter months, so the best time to sell them is when they can still be used. Don’t wait for the months to grow cooler – host an event in the middle of summer to grab the most attention.

With so many products to clear out, you’ll need the right store fixtures to showcase as much as you can. Dump tables are great for the smaller items that don’t quite have a place of their own, but are still very relevant to the season. Some dump baskets offer some degree of separation for organization, but the real advantage of these pieces is their mobility.

Thanks to their wheels, these tables can move to wherever you need them in the shop. If you’re holding a clearance event, you can roll all of them into the same section to create a makeshift sale department.

You don’t even need to move around the larger display tables that can be integrated into your clearance theme, because store racks and other necessary fixtures can be assembled around the tables positioned at the front of the building for maximum exposure.

A big summer sale doesn’t have to be planned to the last detail, because the more adaptable it is, the bigger the advantage it can provide you against competitors. On a beautiful summer day, roll a few things around in your store and hold an impromptu clearance event to harness the good weather days in anticipation for the colder ones.