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Summer colors are heating up

Summer colors are heating up

If you want to attract customers to your store, you should be sure to display some of the trendiest colors of the summer. Fashionable shoppers want to wear what’s in style, and by proudly highlighting some of these hot hues, you can show that your boutique is full of the most sought-after clothing options for the warmer months.

Store displays should spotlight a few colors that are among the most prevalent this summer. Here are some of the hues you may want to include around your boutique:

Numerous fashion outlets have dubbed emerald green the “it” color of 2013, and the shade shows no signs of slowing down this summer. This jewel tone is easy for any shopper to wear and can be dressed up or down depending on the situation, so it’s ideal for any type of store. Whether you’re trying to showcase elegant cocktail dresses or casual summer blouses, emerald is a color that can certainly be used to catch the customer’s eye and pique their interest in your store.

Lemon yellow
Bright colors are in this summer, and few hues pop as much as lemon yellow. The vibrant shade certainly stands out from any outfit, and you can use it as a top color for accessories on your store’s mannequins. Purchasing mannequins for sale and outfitting them with lemon yellow accessories, such as light cardigans or belts, proves to customers that the store has some of the most stylish clothing for summer. The one caveat is that too much of this color can be overpowering, so use it sparingly – but effectively – in your displays.

You can bring some of the outside heat indoors with this fiery shade. With hints of coral, orange and red, the nectarine-like hue is a great way to convey a fun summer attitude. It also works well with a variety of other colors, including other popular tones like lemon yellow, making it the perfect complement to a warm-weather outfit.

Can’t decide on a specific color? Mix it up by incorporating stripes into your wall displays. The pattern is a hot choice for everything from shirts to bags, and it’s a great way to weave top colors into a display without overwhelming the customer. Select shoppers will prefer the more subdued look of stripes compared to other summer colors, which may even broaden the appeal of your store to a wider audience.