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Summer accessory displays get small products out there

Summer accessory displays get small products out there

Hot weather and longer days mean people are showing more skin instead of hiding behind layers of clothing, which is a big part of why summer is the season of accessories. The weather is warm enough to show off the finer details of the items like jewelry, watches, hats, belts and more. Whether people are out at the beach or hiking through the wilderness, there are plenty of accessories that will help them enjoy their time in the sun.

You need to fill all of your display fixtures with the smaller products that might otherwise be overlooked, so shoppers know what they can use to complement their outfits while deterring the heat.

Keep your customers cool and happy
Though many customers will be looking to get out into the warm weather, they’ll need accessories to help keep them cool and prevent sunburns while outside. You can show off all of the stylish summer hats of the season with hat stands no matter what shape or size the headwear comes in.

For the days when people are heading to the beach but they’ll likely need, light comfortable footwear that won’t trap sand inside, and you can display your sandals and other open-toe shoes using shoe displays. Both of these store fixtures present an organized solution for you to showcase a large range of your stock.

Let nothing be forgotten
Shoppers might get too carried away putting together their new summer outfits and forget the small accessories that can help everything come together. Summer is the perfect time to exhibit your jewelry so that it has the chance to shine in the sun. You can use jewelry displays made of natural materials to help customers connect with the outdoors they’re eager to delve into. The contrast of sparkling metals and stones against deep, rich wood can help make your more delicate items grab any passerby’s attention.

In everyone’s rush to head to the beach this summer, some people might forget to bring something to do while soaking up the sun. Keep a literature rack filled with magazines next to displays of your beach clothes and other accessories or near the registers, so shoppers can quickly add something to read to their basket for the next excursion to the shores.

Depending on the theme of your store, you can even fill the rack with classic novels if you’re inventory is geared more toward a retro style.