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Summer 2013 color and fashion trends

Summer 2013 color and fashion trends

Summer may be half over, but that doesn’t mean that your shoppers won’t still be on the prowl for the hottest trends in warm weather clothing. If you’re an apparel retailer, you will increase your revenue by stocking your clothing racks with the most on-point colors and styles. Here is a guide if you’re looking to refresh your stock before autumn arrives.

What colors are in?
If you want to know what the must-have colors are for any given season, then Pantone is the place to look. The Pantone Color Institute is the final word on what hues will be the biggest sellers. Let’s take a look at some of the most important colors for this year. Bear in mind that the fashion industry, like the retail industry, operates one season ahead of real time, meaning that the Pantone spring 2013 color trend report dictates what colors will be worn through the months of summer.

Since summertime is all about high temperatures, it’s no surprise that some fiery colors are very in this year. Poppy red is probably the most vibrant – this luscious shade looks good on everything from halter tops to lipsticks. Lemon zest is another warm color that is in this year – it may be best suited for accessories like sunglasses and sun hats, so be sure to stock this color on your wall racks. Finally, nectarine is going to be popular this year. This slightly cooler shade of orange is more subdued, meaning it can be paired with vibrant colors without looking overwhelming.

This summer has been a hot one so far, and many people are looking forward to cooling off with icy beverages. Cool colors are also popular this year, according to Pantone. Two shades of blue – dusk and Monaco – are in. Dusk is grayer and lighter in hue, while Monaco is a dark, sensual shade, making it perfect for an evening gown. Green is quite popular as well – three shades were selected by Pantone for 2013. Emerald green has some blue hints, while grayed jade is (not surprisingly) grayer in color. “Tender shoots” is just about half green and half yellow – a fun and surprising color for this season.

What styles are in?
Even if you know what colors are popular this season, you still need to have a good understanding of what styles will be en vogue for summer 2013. Here are a few suggestions, outlined by

If you’ve already purchased your mannequins for sale, consider dressing them in outfits that have cloth adornments. Peplum is popular this season on dresses, jackets, shirts and skirts, according to the news source. Asymmetrical ruffles are also quite trendy.

Though black and white hues are popular for formal wear, there are some prints that people will be looking for this season. Oriental patterns featuring flowers and ornamental designs will definitely be something your customers will want.

Your female customers may be looking for a little sparkle this season. Bejeweled apparel is in, so look for skirts and tops that have sequins or other sparkly bits. Lace and fringe are also adornments that women will be seeking out for their summer look.

Finally, the news source reports that cutouts are big this year. Dresses and skirts with unexpected “holes” around the back, side or legs allow women to show some skin without being too scandalous or revealing.