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Study finds more shoppers buying based on in-store marketing

Study finds more shoppers buying based on in-store marketing

Consumers care about what a store looks like, and if yours is on point, more may be willing to buy, according to a recent study conducted by The Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI). The 2012 Shopper Engagement Study assessed what consumers look for in store displays and how store owners could entice more customers to make purchases.

According to the findings, this year more than ever shoppers are making in-store decisions. Looking closer, researchers noticed consumers are "utilizing in-store marketing and branding cues to make an overwhelming portion of their purchase decisions." In-store decision rates reached an all time high of 76 percent this year.

Researchers also found stores that utilized space and showcased their most popular brands were the ones that sold more merchandise overall. Analysts found that 56 percent of consumers surveyed recalled seeing in-store displays, while 66 percent of all observed grabs – meaning items on end caps or near the registers – resulted in purchases.

You can update your table displays by frequently switching out the old with the new. Store a few display racks near the registers that are filled with less expensive merchandise including fun pens and other gift items buyers may be enticed to purchase while waiting in line. You might also benefit from bringing in a stylist to update your mannequins' look by putting them in fashionable ensembles that buyers may not have thought of themselves, but may want to emulate.