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String lights cast a warm glow on displays

String lights cast a warm glow on displays

Overhead lighting in shops certainly provides illumination, but the tone of standard light bulbs or fluorescent fixtures can create a harsh aura on your store displays. For a warmer atmosphere, consider looking into alternative lighting, such as string or strand varieties.

Stranded lighting options are both softer and more adaptable than traditional features, because they can easily be moved when you redesign your shop or change seasonal or temporary displays. Clear rope lighting can be a subtle choice for displays in which you want to focus on illuminating the merchandise, as it plugs easily into an outlet around your choice of product. For boutiques and shops with a specific design, other options offer an even more creative approach to lighting up your space.

Autumn colors can inspire your design if you want a more elegant and boutique-like feel, and rose leaf lights in a natural tone or red hue can add to the seasonal aura. The flowery fixtures are environmentally friendly, made of all natural products and the end-to-end connectors allow you to extend your illumination as you desire, or mix and match the variety of your lighting. To bring the strand to life, each of the lanterns surrounding the bulbs should be sprayed lightly with water, which opens the petals up to the world.

LED string lights are another warm alternative to fluorescent or overhead lighting. The bendable copper strands offer flexibility for placement and look more sophisticated than traditional string lights. Because the LED strand is powered by alkaline batteries, you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet, trying to disguise cords or being otherwise limited in your placement of the lights. As an additional benefit, the lights come with a timer, which can be utilized to save battery life and eliminate the hassle of climbing a ladder to turn the lights on and off manually.