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Stock your store for the holidays with aisle cap displays

Stock your store for the holidays with aisle cap displays

Your regular merchandise is all set up and ready to go, but what about all of the little accessories that you’d like to place throughout your store? By utilizing aisle caps effectively, you can bring customers’ attention to a wide range of items that they might not otherwise have noticed. Try these tips and tricks for creatively incorporating aisle caps into your store displays:

Space out location
Aisle caps can be overwhelming when utilized at the end of every row, and this overcrowding can make it difficult for customers to actually notice what you’re advertising. Try alternating among aisles, so that your store doesn’t take on a bulky or claustrophobic appearance. When selecting display fixtures, look for high-efficiency items that take advantage of vertical space, such as rotating, tiered display bins or racks.

Consider how cap display items appeal to shoppers
Although it may seem counterintuitive, the merchandise you choose to display in an aisle cap doesn’t have to be directly related to nearby items. Rather, look for goods that are loosely linked to products in the primary aisle, or those that may appeal to the same type of person. For instance, you might choose to display hair accessories at the end of an aisle that features shampoo and conditioner, but the same cap basket could be effective when located near a display of cosmetics or perfume.

Advertise sale and discount items
Aisle caps are the ideal location for smaller sale items that might get overlooked when displayed in an area surrounded by other discounted merchandise. Utilize vertical bins at the end of rows to draw extra attention to these articles, and mark them with proportional display signs or posters. Aisle caps are also a great venue for containing travel- and sample-sized goods.