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Stock up on gift boxes before the holiday season

Stock up on gift boxes before the holiday season

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many shoppers are beginning to think about the gifts they are going to give friends, family and coworkers. Most of their efforts may center around selecting the perfect item to pass on as a token of love and appreciation, but store owners can make this process easier by offering complimentary gift wrapping for any presents purchased in their store. Before you can begin offering this service, however, you have to stock up on gift boxes for all types of products.

Encourage shopping
You may be able to draw customers into your retail space by advertising complimentary gift wrapping. Consider purchasing store signs that highlight the option and placing them in a window display that passersby may see. This may be a good way to show that your store is ready for the holiday season and offers a variety of products that can act as suitable gifts. As the holidays creep closer and more parties and family gatherings begin to eat up shoppers’ free time, many consumers will likely be looking for ways to save time – especially if they are shopping at the last minute.

Improve branding
Stocking up on unique jewelry and gift boxes can also further the branding efforts of your store. Certain gable boxes are available in a variety of prints, and retail managers can choose patterns that suit the style and personality of a store. Animal print, polka dots or even glossy colored finishes are all great options for gift boxes that act as an extension of your store, so consider purchasing items that match your logo or even table displays within the space. If you’d rather keep things simple, stick to white gift boxes and purchase wholesale ribbon to decorate the gifts in a color of the customer’s choice.

Offer customers top service
Having a full supply of gift boxes also ensures that you can enhance the customer experience by offering top service. Shoppers will remember the friendly nature of your staff, especially if your employees go above and beyond traditional offerings to provide gift wrapping and boxes. Plus, customers who visit your store during the hectic holiday season and remember the excellent service they received will be more likely to return for sales and promotions at other times of the year.