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Stock up on floral and printed gift packaging for spring

Stock up on floral and printed gift packaging for spring

Although the main holidays for gift giving are over, special occasions and other smaller holidays still warrant presents. With spring’s arrival, shoppers will be out and about enjoying the weather that continues to lift their moods. This may encourage more customers to indulge with the gift-giving spirit and splurge on upcoming celebrations like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and any springtime birthdays and anniversaries. There’s no better way to add a little seasonal flair into gifts than with some spring-themed packaging.

Your store displays should already be geared toward spring, but it might be smart to set up an area near your display tables for seasonal packaging products to let shoppers know they can have everything they need to get their gifts ready for wrapping before they even leave the store.

Presentation is everything
It’s your job to let shoppers know that no matter what they choose as a gift for someone, you have everything they need to wrap it in a memorable way. There’s a wide array of designs for wrapping paper that are perfect for representing spring and the coming summer. With so many choices, it’ll be easy for anyone to find a suitable option.

There are rainbow patterns reflecting the colors people will soon see more often stream across the sky, palm trees to remind others of the summer vacations that are quickly approaching and all kinds of flower patterns that could stand as a garden in of themselves.

For those hard-to-wrap items, gift boxes offer a geometrical solution that will bring order to any products that need a solid container.

You have to showcase your selection in a way that customers can browse with ease. Instead of shuffling around with different tubes, constantly turning them over to see the full design, consider cutting out samples of all patterns and posting them in a designated area near your materials.

That little extra something
Some shoppers like to go above and beyond when looking for gifts for people that mean a lot to them, and that can sometimes carry over to their wrapping. Looking for every small detail to be perfect, some shoppers will want all layers of packaging covered. On top of wrapping paper and boxes, make sure your store has a selection of tissue paper and wholesale shopping bags to choose from.

Keeping with the spring spirit, there are retail bags with scenes of nature on them and even tissue paper with birds. A variety of colors for the tissue paper can add a complementing accent to whatever wrapping paper is chosen.

The way a gift is presented is almost as important as the gift itself. It shows the recipient that the giver put in the effort to make it something special. With your packaging, customers can use the way a present is wrapped to tell its own story.