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Step into spring with new shoe displays

Step into spring with new shoe displays

The time of snow and ice is over. Spring and summer are quickly approaching, and people are beginning to step outside once more. The public will be wearing sandals for the beach, sneakers for exercising, and all kinds of heels and loafers for those special events that offer an opportunity to dress up – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If your store displays aren’t ready for the coming demand of footwear, it’s time to start getting your shoes ready to be seen.

Get your shoes off the ground
Not only do shoes wear out faster than most pieces of an outfit, but they take a beating from the winter weather too. At the start of more pleasant seasons, many shoppers will be casting away their old footwear in exchange for something new. It’s important that your store is ready to give shoppers as many options as you can. Shoes are an important part to every getup and have an adaptability that brings out the potential of many different clothing combinations, sometimes very unexpectedly. Every pair of shoes has the ability to complete a “perfect outfit,” and you should do your best to help customers find the right match.

If you have many choices to choose from, you can dedicate some display tables to showcasing your selection. There is a large variety of singular shoe stands to choose from that can line your tables with different options. Sandals that need a helping foot to look there best can get one so shoppers can better visualize what it would look like on their own feet.

Even if the footwear you have exceeds the amount of space you can provide for displays, placing a shoe rack near the tables and shelves can show shoppers there are still plenty of alternatives to browse through.

Think of the customers
Many of your patrons will start walking into your store already wearing sandals when the days become hotter. Keep some disposable socks nearby to ensure they always have the recourse if they desire to test out your selection. Plus, this will maintain the integrity of your floor models and keep them in top shape.

There’s a great diversity of options for shoes that come with spring and summer, so you have to guarantee your store can satisfy the needs of your customers. Not only do you have to be ready for the good weather, but the bad as well. Rain boots will remain in high demand throughout the wet months. People will be going out dancing, dining at restaurants, enjoying walks and so much more. All of these activities require their own footwear for comfort and style. There’s a reason why people’s closets fill up with shoes, and your job is to make sure they get what they need.