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Start preparing for Labor Day sales early

Start preparing for Labor Day sales early

It may feel as if summer has just begun, but Labor Day and the end of the season are looming. Most stores see this as a reminder that they need to stock up on back-to-school gear, but some also choose to host special Labor Day sales that they should already be preparing.

Here are a few tips you can employ as you get ready for these holiday sales:

Start promoting sales now
With so many sales happening during Labor Day weekend, it’s important to stand out from the pack. That often means promoting sales early to pique customer interest. It’s not too early to start hanging promotional posters that inform shoppers about upcoming specials, and getting these tools ahead of time allows you to plan out exactly how you want to lay out the retail space when the big weekend comes around.

Things like a Back to School poster or other customized promotional posters can help shoppers figure out where the special deals are within a retail space, creating a more organized store that is easy for all to navigate.

Give mannequins a makeover
While there’s a good chance you’ll want to promote some of your remaining summer clothing to try to move the leftover merchandise, that’s not what shoppers will be looking for. After purchasing mannequins for sale, whether they be adult figures or flex kid mannequins, you should dress them in clothing that is appropriate for fall. Most shoppers will be on the hunt for back-to-school outfits and other ensembles they can wear for months to come.

A good alternative is to use properly dressed mannequins to draw customers in and then create sale spaces nearby. Fall window displays will attract shoppers and get them in the store, and then it’s up to you to form an engaging clearance space that houses sale items.

Get your staff ready to help
An influx of shoppers during the course of Labor Day weekend means you will need to have all hands on deck to keep the store running smoothly. Brief your staff members beforehand about what they should expect during the hectic sale days. It may also be a good idea to designate a few workers as customer helpers. These individuals can roam the floor, aiding shoppers in their search for the perfect item, answering questions about sales or maintaining clearance areas that have a lot of foot traffic going through them.