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Start displaying items for Independence Day

Start displaying items for Independence Day

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, you should be prepping your store displays with plenty of patriotic gear to get shoppers in the holiday mood. There’s a good chance many of your customers are already thinking ahead to the family reunions and mini-vacations happening during the week of July 4, and you can capitalize on these feelings by including certain products and styles into your displays.

Here are two of the main ideas you should be keeping in mind as you create Independence Day designs:

Red, white and blue
Many patriotic persons will be looking for the right red, white and blue items to complete their Independence Day festivities. Whether you want to show off complete outfits or cute accessories, you can do so easily with the right store display.

You should purchase mannequins for sale so you can dress them to the nines in U.S.-centric outfits. Incorporating modern summer trends in these outfits shouldn’t be too difficult – all it takes is small touches to make a classic red, white and blue ensemble a trendy choice for customers. Even clothing options like bathing suits are good to include in a display, as there are sure to be a number of shoppers looking for just the right apparel to wear at the beach or by the pool.

As you create the showcase, consider including child mannequins in the display. People love to dress up their little kids – especially for holidays – so making sure shoppers see the options you have for children is a must. Find the cutest outfits you have in the store and get ready to highlight those ensembles for the biggest impact.

Cater to the outdoors
Events like barbecues, pool parties and beach getaways are extremely popular throughout the Fourth of July week. If you want to appeal to a wide range of shoppers who are likely attending or hosting an outdoor gathering, you should have table displays that include some common items they could use for their events.

Cookouts are a prime event to appeal to because of the range of objects you can include in your display. Things like grilling gear, plates and silverware, or outdoor decorations can be added to a setup quite easily, drawing in shoppers who are already thinking about every detail of the holiday.