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Springtime end cap specials can move merchandise

Springtime end cap specials can move merchandise

As all of your shop’s display tables and store racks begin filling in with your spring and summer clothes, start thinking of ways you can draw even more shoppers to your selection. The store displays you’ve set up at the front are used to get customers in through the door, but the set up deeper within your walls is what determines what they’ll buy. You can’t just stop at your store’s windows; draw people in further with specials and end caps that cause shoppers to really look through your store. Spring is nearly upon us and that means an increase in traffic is on its way. Harness the energy of your patrons by giving them something to get excited about.

All the end cap’s a stage
When you set up the end caps in your store, consider the unique opportunity this provides you to create numerous self-contained displays around your whole business. Each of your end caps only use just as much space as they are given, free from external obstructions, so they are an excellent way to prevent any of your showcases from spilling over into the aisles people will be maneuvering through. You have the power to manipulate its shape with gondola shelves and pegs all you want, molding it to the vision of whatever scene you wish to create. Best of all, they can be made in a confined area that won’t impede shoppers, but drive them forward.

Decorate end caps in ways to bring even more attention to the aisles they represent with seasonal props like garland butterflies or lights decorated as roses lined around the borders. They’ll disguise the harsh appearance of the metal shelves and gives the display some more ambiance. You can cover the bases with sprinkled leaves to add a feeling of nature to your spring stock or cover it with a small cloth in a complementing color.

If you set up two end caps back-to-back, it would be possible to use them to exhibit child mannequins in your kid sections. This opens up the possibility of assembling a mirrored scene with the models on both sides. You can have one side decorated in a sequence of sunshine and rain on the other, dressing the mannequins up in the best of your clothes that show both sides of the coming season and what parents will have to prepare for. Your end caps may even be able to fit full-sized figures, but with less flexibility for creativity.

Integrate style with practicality
If you choose not to use your end caps as another source for store displays, you can instead opt to incorporate them more to help your customers in their shopping searches. Utilize the space you have as viable locations where people can clear out of the aisles and gather their thoughts on your products. Place small mirrors at the bottoms of the shelves in your shoe sections so shoppers can use them to view footwear. For the departments in your store where you’re trying to push accessories, fill some baskets with these products or add a couple of shelves to put all of your options out there.

Any spring specials or promotions you’re considering to run can be set up at the end of your rows, no matter how big or small. These sales can be a strong driving force when strategically placed around your store to direct the flow of customers to areas you see fit.

Every square foot of your building is valuable space and should not be wasted. No matter what portion you look at, strong organization and an imaginative approach can make sure you use every inch to further expand your business, its brand and customer satisfaction.