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Springtime displays for kids clothing

Springtime displays for kids clothing

Spring beckons the coming of every child’s dream: summer vacation. In a prelude to that period of childhood bliss, kids everywhere are going to start emerging from their houses and playing outside. They’ll be joining Little League, going to the park or simply playing in the back yard. The youngsters will be casting off their winter coats and mittens for the looser clothing of warmer seasons. No matter how you look at it, they’re going to be getting dirty. Not only do children quickly outgrow much of their attire, but they also give it a beating, so throughout the spring, parents are going to be replacing their family’s wardrobe. Make sure your store displays are ready to meet the wave of needs parents are going to come across this year once the outdoors warm up.

Playground ready
Moms and dads will be glad their kids can now burn off all the built-up energy accumulated over the winter. They might even be more excited than their kids to finally get their own break to go shopping. What you want to do in your business is harness that excitement by showing them still scenes of the summer spirit. Use a child mannequin of varying poses to simulate activities their own kids will soon be engaging in. Dress them up in your stock of springtime clothing for the little ones and any sportswear you have. This is a great opportunity to use simple sporting props like soccer balls and baseball bats in your displays. If you have any green turf or fake grass, slide it under the mannequins to instantly transport them to the field.

Use the chance to be creative in expressing what you feel summer means for a child, possibly relating back to your own experiences. If you loved flying kites as a kid, set up one of your mannequins with a kite suspended from the ceiling or secured by bendable wire. Set up a tea party in your girls section and a battlefield of green plastic army men in the boys’ one.

Child-size your store
Don’t forget to cater to the problems that may occur during the hunt to find new clothes for young ones. Keep a supply of small hangers to correctly fit and display the kids clothes on your store racks.

If you’re going to be selling shoes or cleats, it would be a good idea to make sure you have a shoe measurer properly proportioned for smaller feet. Ensuring your customers leave with the right size will decrease your rate of returns and keep a pleasant memory of the shopping visit in shoppers’ minds.

You need to stock the tools buyers will need as they shop if you want to convert people browsing into actual sales. Let the tumultuous whirlwind eager children bring guide you in your designs this year. Right after winter people are always impatiently waiting to burst out of the gates and get wrapped up in their summer hobbies, leisure and vacations. Your selection can help parents and children go where they want to go and do everything they want to do.