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Spring sales: Why now is a great time to clear out inventory

Spring sales: Why now is a great time to clear out inventory

If your inventory has been accumulating and you still have some winter items mixing in with your new spring product, now would be a good time to try and get rid of it. Consumer spending has slowly been increasing this year, and it looks to only get better as the weather continues to warm.

Brian Jones, a senior economist at Societe Generale, told Daily Finance, “We expect to see better job growth in the spring. More people with jobs means more money to spend.”

As all the snow and ice begins to melt away, more and more people will start spending time outside. After being huddled indoors for so long, people are going to be looking to get some new outfits to show off and enjoy the outdoors. Make sure all your store displays are set up loud and clear to catch the attention of all this extra traffic. Fill up your display tables and store racks with everything that must go and then move it into customers’ line of sight.

If you’ve been planning on doing any kind of remodeling in your store or even just intend to move a few things around, this is a great chance to make a little extra room to work with.

Take advantage of the blooming world around you by moving as much of your bright-colored inventory as you can. Temperatures are going to be in that phase of cold and warm so all types of clothes can be utilized. Spring is a time when anything can go and people will be more willing to spend the money saved after being trapped inside. The holidays have been over long enough that they’ve recovered from spending on friends and family and are ready to spend on themselves.