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Spring retail tips for non-apparel stores

Spring retail tips for non-apparel stores

Creative merchandising ideas are easy to come by if you run a clothing shop, but for other types of retailers, it can be hard to find inspiration. Today, let’s dedicate some time to those stores that sell things other than apparel – here are some tips for electronics, home goods and book merchants getting ready for spring:

For techies
If you sell items like computers, smart phones or laptops, you may think your retail options are limited when it comes to displaying your products. This couldn’t be further from the truth – there are many ways that electronics stores can get creative with their store fixtures. For example, you can use wall displays to showcase some of your smaller accessories, like headsets, cases or screen protectors. Don’t forget that social media is a great way to get the word out about promotions, and as a tech retailer, you should consider using some of your own products to spread the word. Take a picture of some gorgeous spring flowers, for instance, and use one of your mobile devices to share the pic with your followers on Instagram. Be sure to mention the name of the product you used to snap the shot.

For homebodies
Home goods retailers are in a good spot this time of year, as the upcoming bridal season is sure to give a boost to their sales. Even if you don’t sell clothing, you can purchase a few mannequins for sale to set up a creative window display. Use two of these figures to set up a scene of a couple putting items away in their new home. You can have one mannequin standing near a display table stocked with plates and other glassware, and place the other near a dresser or another piece of furniture. Complete the scene with a few store signs promoting the deals and discounts you have going for wedding registries.

For bookworms
Book merchants also stand to gain in springtime, because many people are on the hunt for a few good reads over the summer. You can tap into this desire by letting your store employees write up reviews of their favorite summer reading. Post these reviews underneath the books lining your gondola shelves and display tables, and you’ll be sure to get customers’ attention. You can also decorate your store with beach balls, sand pails and other items that might remind readers of spring and summer.