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Spring into better sales with these fun retail display tips

Spring into better sales with these fun retail display tips


The first day of spring might not be until March 20, but for retailers, it’s already here. Shoppers are on the hunt for stylish spring and summer trends, and that means boutique shops need to be ready to provide. The earlier you can prepare your store for the new season, the better. By now you should have cleared out of most of the winter and cold weather items. If there are a few stubborn items that won’t leave your shelves, consider putting them in storage until next fall or give them a huge price cut. With spring here, it’s time to move on to brighter colors and fun, flirty trends.

Use the natural energy of the season to pep up your store and create a fun shopping experience for your customers. First, take a look at some of this year’s spring fashion trends.

Simple wide-brimmed hats and trilbies are in this season.

Spring trends for women
As the cold weather fades into the past, your female clientele will be looking to put together a few new outfits for the season. Displaying combination items together is a great way to increase your sales without a lot of effort.

  • Hats: With the sun shining brightly once more, it’s time for wide-brimmed hats to make their comeback. Harper’s Bazaar magazine reported that felt, cotton and woven straw cotton hats will be quite popular this season. In dark and light colors, these wide-brimmed fedoras and stylish trilbies combine vintage looks with modern simplicity. These hats look great on our woodgrain head forms.
  • Tops: Forget tight, form fitting tops – this season will be all about loose, comfortable styles. Vogue magazine reported on wearable catwalk trends that were brightly colored and flowing, with light materials that allow for maximum movement. These tops are meant to fall along a woman’s natural curves without hugging her form. Because many of these tops are simple in design, they display very well on top of our jersey form covers, which come in several unique patterns.
  • Skirts and pants: There’s going to be a lot of variety this year, when it comes to skirts and pants. Fashion Qe recommended several ready-to-wear looks that make use of distressed jeans that might remind you of some of the looks from the early 2000s. Patterned, South American-inspired skirts were another suggestion.
  • Shoes: When it comes to sneakers and flats, the classics are still in trend. Grace + Beauty said that this season’s shoes will feature warm pastels and earth tones. Check out our shoe display tables for fun ways to display these styles. Formal spring shoes will feature sharp heels and pointed toes.

Spring trends for men
Men’s spring fashion is all about looking good while staying comfortable. Many of the trends are angling toward a masculine look that’s ideal for a walk through the city.

  • Hats and eyewear: Men’s hat trends are surprisingly similar to women’s, although they tend to feature more subdued colors and taller peaks. These hats are less about keeping the sun out of your eyes and more about completing a look. Sunglasses this year aim to look a little more classic – moving away from the thick plastic frames of recent years. Think 1950s retro chic.
  • Shirts: Dark blues are definitely the colors of men’s fashion this spring. Vogue magazine reported on a number of unique looks that all use dark blues in breathable cotton. These styles really pop on our male jersey forms. And for white and peach nautical looks, make them stand out on our black forms.
  • Pants and shorts: Flat-front chinos and dark skinny jeans are both great looks for men this season. Shorts are going to look sporty or rugged – and if you’re having trouble displaying them in your store, look no further than our men’s sportwear jersey form, which lets you easily assemble an outfit.
  • Suits: If your boutique store sells formalwear, you’ll some gray, form fitting-suits. This classic look never really went out of style. Suits meant for warm weather should hang from the man’s frame without looking boxy or overly loose. They should provide a range of movement and yet still look fitted. Accessories are minimal, but you may want to consider selling silver tie tacks and cufflinks.
  • Shoes: Boat shoes always seem to make a comeback every spring, and this year is no exception. Additionally, black and brown distressed boots will stick around until summer arrives, when they’ll be replaced by wingtips and other formal classics.

Spring retail window displays
For an eye-catching window display, you’ll want to choose a theme that represents both the styles on sale and the mood of the season. Many boutique stores go with a nature theme, as it adds to the energy of the season. If your establishment leans more formal, you may want to use some pieces from our silver clothing rack collection. The combination of woodgrain and silver creates a fresh feeling that really makes the clothing stand out at eye level.

“Use found objects to create displays on a budget.”

When creating a more complicated display that is half products and half work of art, you’ll want to do a considerable amount of planning. But unless you have big budget for it, it might seem hard to craft a truly unique window display. However, you can use found objects to create a fun scene on a budget. For a spring theme, you can use old gardening instruments or flower beds to accentuate a few pieces of clothing. This is where you can really put your imagination to work.

The most important thing is to have fun – your customers will feel the energy you put into your displays and they’ll glean some good feelings from your effort. Spring fashion trends are some of the easiest to display because there’s already a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air. By going the extra mile and creating a cohesive theme throughout your store, you will energize your customers and get them to buy more of their spring wardrobe at your store.