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Spring Clearance Event

Spring Clearance Event

As spring rolls around and the weather warms up, it’s a good idea to change things up a bit in your store to honor of the rebirth and rejuvenation that comes with the season. These changes can be a complete remodel of your business or the simple addition of a few new pieces for your store displays. Mixing up the look of your store doesn’t have to be a costly process either, and in the spirit of spring cleaning, Firefly Store Solutions has a number of products on clearance now.

Stock up
Now is the perfect chance to stock up on items you burn through quickly. Load up on bags with designs covering them for everyday use or to save for special occasions and sales. Specially designed tote bags may offer a nice contrast to the bags you use frequently while also keeping in tune to the dynamic changes of spring. Anyone wishing to promote a more eco-friendly work environment can look at the reusable tote bags as a show of sustainability that will help your customers in their shopping endeavors and encourage them to come again to fill the bag.

Get ready for all the gifts people will be buying from now to Christmas with jewelry boxes, tissue paper and wrapping paper. There are many options available to dress up your customers’ gifts in a way that’ll show its recipient that not only the giver cares, but your store does too. Summer birthdays are sure to keep your accessories and jewelry moving, so show them off with some new stands for your display tables.

If you want to prepare for an upcoming holiday like Easter, pick up some multicolored mesh wrap you can use to create Easter baskets for either decoration of your establishment or prizes for promotions to your patrons. You could even create baskets filled with some accessories to sell or use the mesh as a part of your decorative theme, with a little imagination.

A new piece to your layout
Instead of stocking up on supplies, you can use this clearance event as an opportunity to add a few new pieces of furniture to your store floor. If you think there’s something missing with your store fixtures, maybe something as small as a new display table can round out the appearance of a section. A few stools scattered around your shoe displays can be used by customers for trying on your stock of footwear or some new shoe forms to properly show them off.

Even something as small as a new counter mirror can make all the difference to people browsing through your store as they test out your products. When you need a small aesthetic difference, some acrylic tiles suspended from your ceiling or fixtures and adorned with roses is an elegant way to show the transformation occurring outside.

When you’re running a business, it’s key to manage your budget in a cost-effective way while also preparing yourself for what the future may bring. Sales and clearance events like this one where you can seize the chance to get ahead of the game while doing so in a smart way consistent with your funds. Add something fresh to your store this spring so you can continue showing everyone who walk in through your doors the commitment you have to your work and the never​-ending effort you’re willing to put into it. Take a look at the wide variety of products available at a discounted price and see what your shop can use.