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Spring cleaning your inventory

Spring cleaning your inventory

With winter winding down soon, it’s a good time to think about cleaning up your store and display tables. A transition in your inventory from winter to spring clothes will begin soon, if it hasn’t already, and if there’s still any stock left over from Presidents Day weekend, you need to start coming up with plans to make room.

Much of the shifting focus will be on clothes and other seasonal items, particularly anything to do with the outdoors. Don’t worry if you’re a little behind, as this year seems to be a fierce winter and customers will still be looking for discounted winter clothes until it ends.

After the holiday rush, you and your employees will probably have had a rough time, and so has your store. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be restricted to your inventory, it is also a good chance to fix up your shop. Winter weathering takes its toll on everything from your floors and carpets to your windows and counters. People have been dragging in mud and salt for months now and it’s sure to be showing.

Spruce up your curtains and other fabrics that acquired unavoidable stains with some spot remover. Fix that store fixture that broke during the rush now that you have a chance. Buff and wax your tile floors and steam clean everything that’s been dragged onto your carpets. Restock your drained shipping and dressing room supplies before you run out of anything vital.

Just as the trees and grass will be reborn, so will your business. It survived the cold and is ready to grow larger than ever. If you think it’s time for a change, then switch around a few store displays, racks and mannequins. Maybe even expand and buy some more for future displays. Every now and then, change is good, and it will give your store a fresh take for customers to see.