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Spring cleaning tips for retailers

Spring cleaning tips for retailers

Carrying out spring cleaning in your home is one thing, but making an entire retail space sparkle can be a much more daunting task. Organization is the most important component of a major store makeover, so here are some tips to keep in mind as you haul out your mops, brooms and dustpans.

Enlisting help
Even if you run a relatively small store, cleaning it from top to bottom is a big undertaking, and it’s unrealistic to think you can do it on your own. Your employees may moan and groan when asked to dust or sweep, but you’ll need their help to make sure your store looks it best. Alternatively, some merchants choose to employ a professional cleaning agency, which can bring a store to a whole new level of spic and span.

Arm yourself properly
If you haven’t updated your cleaning supplies in a while, it may be time to visit the hardware store before you start your big sweep. New sponges, mops and brooms, coupled with full bottles of cleaning solution, can make the entire process much easier.

Out with the old
As you are cleaning up and reorganizing your space, you should keep an eye out for store fixtures and other items that are out of date or no longer functional. When you’re finally finished tidying up, you can reward yourself by purchasing new mannequins for sale to replace those that you got rid of during the clean sweep.

Take a moment to reorganize
While you’re tidying up your retail space, you’ll likely be moving many of your goods, gondola shelves and display cases. This provides you with an opportunity to reorganize the layout of the floor. Changing things up can provide a fresh feel for the new season, and your customers will likely appreciate the new look.

Get the word out
Once you’ve finished cleaning, use the extra-tidy store to your advantage by promoting your fresh start. Send out a tweet or post a picture of your super clean store to your fans and followers and watch the customers file in to see the work you’ve done. You can even use it as a promotional sale – consider using store signs to offer discounts on spring items, urging customers to “clean off” your shelves (by buying products, of course).