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Spring cleaning checklist for retailers

Spring cleaning checklist for retailers

There are plenty of fabulous aspects of spring, but most people don’t count the ritual of cleaning among them. When the weather gets warmer, it’s time to throw open the shutters and clean out the cobwebs.

Take advantage of the upcoming sunshine and delegate these spring cleaning tasks to your staff.

1. The backroom
Mayhem would surely ensue if the backroom and office portion of your store wasn’t kept tidy year-round. However, spring cleaning is a good time to check if you need to order more office supplies, display fixtures or pricing tags. Make sure the inventory is all accounted for and neatly stacked for optimum efficiency, using whatever system the store has employed.

In the office, you should clean out the desk drawers and toss or shred any necessary papers. If you don’t regularly dust or sweep the office area, spring cleaning is the perfect occasion.

“Make sure store fixtures don’t need replacement or repair.”

2. The floor
While your employees should dust, sweep or vacuum daily, you can take this opportunity to steam clean any carpeting or upholstery you have in your store for a deep clean. Make sure none of the store fixtures need replacement or repair as you give the shop a thorough once-over. All of your windows and mirrors should be given extra attention, as well. Don’t forget about hard-to-reach places, like cobwebs around mounted light fixtures and dust on top of shelving units.

3. The storefront
Now that the snow has melted and you can finally put away the shovels, you need to revive the space in front of your store. Whether that entails freshening up the planters with blooming flowers, power-washing the sidewalks to clear residual ice melt or fixing potholes in the driveway, you want to make your business’ exterior shine.