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Sporting goods stores can score big during winter

Sporting goods stores can score big during winter

The warm weather seasons are an ideal time for sports like baseball, soccer and football, but athletes and outdoor enthusiasts aren't easily deterred by low temperatures or a bit of snow. That's why sporting goods stores can easily take advantage of the colder months to showcase some of their fine winter sports gear. Here are some creative ways to get the skiers, sledders and skaters through your shop's door.

Help customers visualize themselves
You can use your window displays to show customers that you have all of the supplies they'll need this winter, and help them visualize themselves partaking in a fun winter sport. Use adult and child mannequins to create a scene on the slopes. Dress the characters in ski hats and clothing, and don't forget to put them in your best selling skis. Use cardboard and tissue paper to create a snowy slope. For an extra effect, use string to tie back the hats and wigs you put on your mannequins, so that it looks like they're speeding downhill.

Make your store feel like a lodge
Skiers and skaters know that one of the best parts of winter sporting is coming back to the lodge to sit by the fire, enjoy a cup of cocoa and warm up. You can remind your shoppers of this experience by making your store feel just like one of those lodges. If you have the ability, a fireplace works well, but if not, simply setting up a few big, comfy chairs around some of your display tables can work wonders. Use wooden hangers and rustic store fixtures to give your shop that lodge-y feel.

Sporting goods make excellent gifts
Don't forget that many of your shoppers will be picking out gifts for the coming holiday season. Remind them of this by peppering your display shelves with boxes wrapped in tissue paper and wholesale ribbon. Offering gift wrapping, even well before the holidays have arrived, is another way to get shoppers to think not only of what they themselves need, but also what they'd like to give others.

Don't forget about kids
You can catch the eye of younger shoppers this winter season, too. Many kids and teens love to ski, skate or go sledding this time of year, so be sure to put out a few kids sizes and your favorite sled.