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Splash into summer savings

Splash into summer savings

Though the solstice isn't until this Friday, the warm weather and long days have many people in full-on summer mode. Shoppers who are visiting your store may be in the midst of planning big summer vacations or large parties with friends, which means they may be a bit more frugal when browsing the goods lining your gondola shelves and wall displays. You can appeal to this sentiment by "splashing into summer savings," and we have a few tips to help guide you:

Assessing the competition
You won't be the only store offering discounts to shoppers this season. If you are located in a mall or shopping district, it's not a bad idea to pay a visit to some of your neighboring stores or nearby competitors to get an idea as to what sort of promotions they're running. You can strive to make your discounts even more enticing than those around you, or you can find a way to combine the promos at your store with those of other businesses. For example, if you manage a shoe store and notice the store across the street is running a sale on swimwear, it may be smart to put your sandals and flip flops on a display table in your front window, complete with store signs boasting 20 percent off all beach footwear.

Wants vs. needs
When deciding what items you should mark down for your summer sales, consider what products you sell that customers want versus those that customers need. For instance, shoppers will likely need new summer clothes for this season, so they'll buy shorts, t-shirts, tank tops and skirts, even if they're only slightly marked down. However, there may be some big-ticket items that customers would like to buy, such as grills, patio furniture or gardening equipment. If you mark these items down significantly, you may be able to convince those who are on the fence about the more expensive products to go through with the sale.

Make yourself seen
During the warmer months of the year, shoppers will be more likely to visit brick-and-mortar locations, because it's simply more pleasant to go shopping when the sun is shining and the temperatures are high. However, you still need to find creative ways to get the word out about your store. Look in your local newspaper to see if your community is hosting any festivals or other events where you may be able to promote your shop. You can set up a tent at one of these get-togethers, and don't forget to bring along your adult and child mannequins to show off your wares!