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Spicing up fall jewelry displays

Spicing up fall jewelry displays

Whether you are an exclusive jewelry retailer or mix earrings, necklaces and bracelets in with your other fashionable merchandise, displaying jewelry can get stale. You can keep all of your necklace stands, bracelet displays and earring holders, but there are ways to spice them up to improve your store’s appearance and potentially increase sales.

Adding found objects as display fixtures

What do an old glass jar, a pile of rocks and chicken wire have in common? They can all be used to create unique jewelry displays! Arrange a variety of clear glass jars, bottles and even vases on a table and use them as busts for a few of your featured necklaces or bracelets. This look could work in a vintage-style store or a more upscale boutique.

Bangles, earrings and other jewels can look elegant when displayed in a pile of smooth stones or sand, especially for a store with a coastal theme. Chicken wire creates an airy earring display when attached to the back of an old frame. Paint the frame and you have a unique earring rack!

Making over display fixtures

You don’t have to replace your store’s display fixtures with new items when you can simply make them over. Maybe you have a silver wire earring or bracelet tree. You could spray paint this gold for a more elegant look for fall, or use a glossy, bright hue for a pop of color on your display tables.

Your risers and other table items can also be made over to add texture, color and variety to your displays. When the backdrop is fun and bright, the most classic black velvet jewelry displays will look brand new.

Incorporate nature

Again, you can still use some of your favorite old jewelry display fixtures, but when you add aspects of nature to them, they take on a whole new look. Take a solid stick from outdoors and attach other small branches or twigs to it to create a tree-like shape you can then hang on the wall to hold jewelry.

You can also take larger branches and stand them up in jars or planters of sand and hang jewelry from them for a more dramatic display, or lay earrings and bracelets on pieces of driftwood or logs inside a display case. Incorporating nature is a surefire way to add a touch of fall to your store, since many people associate the rustic outdoors with this season.