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Spice up your K-40 racks

Spice up your K-40 racks

Racks are great ways to display clothing, but are your displays the best that they can be? Whether you’re just opening your store or have been in business for years, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to the way that you’re setting up your merchandise.

With back-to-school shopping in full swing, it’s more important than ever to make the most of your display fixtures. Use these K-40 rack accessories to maximize the amount of merchandise you can show off while creating a visually appealing display to increase sales.

Add-on end bar
The K-40 rack provides plenty of space to hang clothing on either side of the display. But what about on the ends? In order to use your space efficiently, add on an end bar. The product is both efficient and easy to use. All you have to do is slide it onto the end of your double bar clothing rack and you instantly have more space to hang additional merchandise.

To enhance the visual appeal of your rack, use the add-on end bar to display something eye-catching. Whether it’s a brightly colored jacket or an intricate blouse, make sure that you choose an item that will grab the attention of your customers. If they like what they see at the end of the rack, they’ll be more likely to continue looking at everything that you have hanging on the rest of the display.

But be careful not too give your consumers too much to look at in a tight space. Bloomberg Business reported that while customers do like options, they can be overwhelmed by too many choices.

Grid Panel
You may be maximizing the sides of your display now, but what about the top? Adding a grid panel on the top of your K-40 rack is a great way to highlight specific products for your consumers. Sometimes customers won’t take the time to go through every item that’s hanging from a clothing rack, so using a grid panel to allow a few select items to rise above the rest can be a great way to get the attention of people in your store and promote particular pieces of merchandise.

You can also use the grid panel on an empty side of the rack to hang accessories.

While maximizing your space is a great business strategy, the last thing you want is for your display to fall apart. To secure your grid panel in place, use Firefly’s hanger brackets made specifically for the K-40 rack. The brackets will ensure that your grid panel is secure while it’s displaying merchandise to your customers.

Not confident about the most artistic way to set up the panel? Entrepreneur magazine recommended considering whether someone else involved in your business, maybe even a spouse or family member, is more creative and can take the lead in building visually appealing displays.

“Add-on hangrails allow you to hang more clothes on a single rack.”

Add-on hangrails
​Why settle for two bars on a double rack when you can have three or even four? Add-on hangrails allow you to hang more clothing than ever on a single display. Firefly’s hangrails can easily be added to a K-40 rack, doubling your space.

Because the second pair of bars will be lower than the original ones, you can feature products that are different lengths on the same display. For example, you might hang sundresses on the higher clothing racks and then place coordinating cardigans on the lower levels. It’s an effective way to sell a whole outfit rather than just individual pieces.