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Spice up your jewelry store displays

Spice up your jewelry store displays

If you own a jewelry store, you may assume that all the sparkle and glitz you sell may be enough to entice customers to come in. However, how you display your gorgeous bracelets, necklaces and more can really help improve customers' perception of your space.

Because you'll want the jewelry to act as the star of your table displays, it may be best to purchase jewelry stands in black, as this will help the sparklers stand out. A more surprising way to help your store stand apart from other jewelry outlets is to mix in high-end jewels with more affordable bangles and gems. This not only provides your store displays with pops of color and life, but also visually shows customers that you offer something for everyone.

Displaying open jewelry boxes in the windows of jewelry stores has long been a staple in the industry's marketing scheme, and although this idea successfully showcases diamonds, rubies and more, there are more creative ways to show off the bling. A unique way to add fun to your display may be to store a few diamond rings or a set of ruby earrings in eco-friendly sinamay bags that are bold and colorful but also transparent. This way consumers get a fun and easy vibe from your store, making it more approachable.