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Snowmen and Santas and reindeer oh my! Spice up your displays

Snowmen and Santas and reindeer oh my! Spice up your displays

When you are designing your store windows for the holidays, it’s easy to get caught up in a cliché. After all, what’s easier than setting up a traditional Christmas tree and some garlands to spice up your windows for the holidays? These decorations are classic and will certainly evoke the holiday spirit in your shoppers, but there are ways to spice up these classic themes to make your store stand out.

If you want to go Santa, go candy instead
Nothing says “Christmas” more than the jolly man in a red suit and a white beard. This symbol of the holidays is particularly tempting for stores trying to appeal to children, since they are waiting for Mr. Claus to deliver their gifts.

You can evoke the same feelings of joy with a Christmas candy display. Peppermint, ribbon candy and other holiday specialties are beautiful to look at and often bring back fond memories of childhood, which will have the same happy effect as Santa. Bonus for those who like the red and white color theme!

If you were going for snow, think sparkly
Snowflakes, snowmen and other symbols relating to the white stuff are perfect for the holidays, especially when trying to appeal to shoppers of all faiths. But how many times have you seen a snowflake in a store window during this season? If you’re tempted by the white stuff, create a display around glitter instead.

Silver and gold are festive and eye-catching, and will create perfect backdrop, accent or finishing touch to your display of merchandise. Add a sparkling gold tablecloth to your display table to give everything on it a special glow, or add a sparkling silver screen behind mannequins dressed in cozy winter jackets. It’s a modern approach to a blizzard theme!