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Smarten up your book displays

Smarten up your book displays

With so many great titles and fabulous cover art, it can be hard to decide which books should be put on central display. Of course, most book stores opt for display tables and shelves piled high with the top sellers. To make your store stand out, try something different.

One way to display new books is to create invisible shelves on the walls. To do this, take an old book (one that you are not selling) and glue it to an L-shaped wall fixture. Once attached to the wall, this book will look like it is floating on its side against the wall. Stack other books on top of this one, and they'll have a floating appearance. This display might be fun for new fantasy titles.

If you sell children's books, employ some playful items into your store displays. Stack books in an antique wagon for a nostalgic vibe that is the perfect height for youngsters to "shop" from. Another fun way to arrange new releases in the kids' section is by color – the shopping experience doubles as a learning one when tots can name the colors of the books they want Mom to buy!