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Small store? No problem

Small store? No problem

Small retailers are at a slight disadvantage compared with larger stores. You may only be able to afford a small space for your shop, but there are plenty of ways to make the most out of limited room – at least you don't have the problem of having to fill too much space!

To make the most effective use of space, avoid rounded store fixtures. Buying rectilinear furniture will make the best use of your wall area, unless of course you have some curved walls. Otherwise, curved furniture can swallow up walking room and make the store feel cluttered.

In small spaces, you also need to maximize the way you use your walls. You will want effective shelving units on most of the walls to store your merchandise, but make sure all of the shelves are shoppable. You can use very high shelves to create displays or stock extra merchandise, but don't put anything a customer might want to reach up there.

If you don't have room in the store for signage stands, you can also take advantage of the walls to create your own signs. Use chalkboard paint (it comes in a variety of colors) to paint a space on the wall to advertise specials or certain policies. Bonus – it adds a charming touch to the store.