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Simplify your space

Simplify your space

Some store owners may have heard of the term "purchase funnel," an idea invented by St. Elmo Lewis in 1898. It refers to how customers think in stores, and Lewis believes consumers go from awareness to interest to desire to action, according to the Harvard Business Review. In more clear terms, this means most people get an idea of what they want in their head and then go to the store to search for it, leaving little room for browsing the aisles. 

In the past, stores would tackle this issue by placing vibrantly colored items on their end caps and display tables to encourage consumers to look elsewhere. However, since consumers today are constantly being bombarded with information, the plan that once worked to get consumers to take a look around now makes them more inclined to leave with just the purchase they went in for.

Instead of creating sensory overload in your space, make new floor plans that offer peace and tranquility. The relaxed atmosphere in your store may help shoppers think more clearly and therefore take the time to browse the aisles.

To achieve this, start by limiting how many items you place on your display racks – place a few of your top selling items there and then store the rest of the products neatly in their appropriate sections. This way, if a shopper likes a product, they can easily find similar shirts, hats or more in a designated area, rather than searching through one confusing mess.