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Simple tips for beginner visual designers

Simple tips for beginner visual designers

Creating your store windows can be a stressful job. Your window display is kind of like an elevator pitch for your brand – what do you want to convey to passersby? What will draw them into your store? If you are feeling overwhelmed, here are some tips that might make the whole process a little easier.

One idea is to plan ahead. If you plan one month in advance, you won't feel stressed when it comes time to put something up and you don't have any ideas. It might even help to plan for the whole year!

To get ideas for what the display will look like, think of a theme – whether a color, season or something else – to unify the design. A setting might help engage shoppers' imaginations, and limit your palette to just a few colors or patterns.

Choose the right props and display fixtures to properly show off your merchandise and frame it. Mannequins could work in some settings, but in others, you might want to use tables or cubes. Make sure to include multiple layers of height too – this is more engaging from the street.

When you choose which merchandise will go in the display, limit yourself to just a few key items if you're just starting out. Have one piece – whether a patterned jacket or brightly colored bag – and allow it to be the focal point of the display. The window is a good place for items that may not sell quite as well elsewhere in the store. The items you want to spotlight may also make a good theme for the window design.