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Signs help your shop stand out

Signs help your shop stand out

Storefront signs and displays are an important part in bringing in new customers, which is why yours should be top notch. If you're worried your store sign isn't living up to the fabulous merchandise you sell inside, it may be time for an update.

Signs are crucial in doing good business as they are the first thing consumers see and may be the deciding factor on whether or not shoppers want to look at what you have to offer inside. A shabby-chic, wooden A-frame chalkboard sign placed out front is an easy way to emphasize how great of a store you have. Because this type of sign works with chalk, you can feel free to use fun colors, sayings and even pictures that might catch the attention of shoppers going by. Words like "Sale," "50 Percent Off" and "Special Offers" typically work to bring in new customers interested in what you sell and what they can potentially save. To get more creative, make puns or jokes, a pop culture reference or create a short rhyme on this sign.

Once the sign draws in the consumers, you'll want to set up your display tables and clothing racks with the regularly priced items toward the front, keeping the sale items in the back. This way, customers will have to check out your new merchandise first, which may make them more likely to buy other items than just ones on sale.