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Showcasing spring bracelets and rings on hand displays

Showcasing spring bracelets and rings on hand displays

Sometimes it’s hard for shoppers to picture what accessories such as bracelets or rings would look like on their fingers or wrists. There isn’t always an employee immediately available to take items out of display cases or to find a piece in the proper size, and this can result in a loss of sales. However, by properly setting up your store displays, you can help customers better imagine what jewelry would look like on them.

A visual display can not only draw the attention of passersby to your products, but also accentuate the qualities that may make the difference when it comes time to purchase. Just as mannequins help shoppers with whole outfits, a simple hand display can aid them with jewelry.

Giving jewelry a surreal appearance
Hand displays are among the best ways to showcase your smaller accessories, and there are many different styles to choose from that can fit a variety of themes you might have in your shop. For an elegant option, hand displays with elongated fingers are sure to hold some gazes as shoppers mull over the proportions and the jewelry adorning them.

Venus display hands provide a more aggressive approach with the fixtures reaching out, offering up the pieces on their fingers or even hanging from their palms. These exhibits are out of the ordinary and can easily draw customers in for closer inspections, giving your displayed products an edge over competitors’ more mundane arrangements.

Bringing some summer charm into your shop
If your store’s theme is reflecting the nature blooming outside, a wooden hand display will fit right in. Fixtures made from natural materials harness the excitement shoppers are feeling for the summer weather now that the temperatures are rising and they can finally enjoy the outdoors.

Products displayed on these unique hand-carved displays have a backdrop customers can easily identify with and are more inviting than fixtures made from other materials. Whether you put rings on it or use its base to stack colorful bracelets, this wooden hand display makes it easy for customers to visualize the jewelry with future warm weather outfits.

Hand displays bring the smaller pieces of your inventory into the forefront of shoppers’ minds no matter which style or material it is made from. Use them to move your spring jewelry from the wooden wrists and plastic fingers of your exhibits onto real ones.