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Showcasing housewares in warm weather-themed displays

Showcasing housewares in warm weather-themed displays

The temperatures outside are climbing and more people will start spending time in their backyards at picnics and barbecues. With stores wrapping up their spring cleaning, it’s important to remember the cleaning spree going on in the houses of your customers too. Many will start looking for new housewares to prepare a summer’s worth of meals for visiting friends and family. Some shoppers will want bright color schemes to match the seasons or floral designs on their pots, pans and plates to emphasize the time of year.

Shops need to get their warm weather store displays and themes set up to help customers pick up the necessities they’ll need to make the memories waiting for them this summer.

Lay out housewares for customers to see
The needs of homeowners vary from person to person, just like the meals they prepare. To suit all these diverse tasks, there are many kitchen tools, utensils and dinnerware made to accommodate them. Stores should ensure they have enough space available to showcase the full extent of the products they have. There’s no better way to exhibit the selection than by laying it all out on display tables.

Either with long multileveled tables to bring as much stock into the spotlight as possible or smaller displays such as the three-tier maple table that helps accentuate particular items, display tables can make a difference when it comes to showing shoppers how much they have to choose from.

Using a light-colored wood can bring about a warm summer feeling that might help customers envision all of the lunches and dinners they can prepare with their new kitchen equipment.

You can play off of the common methods people store their housewares in your displays too. One of the more space efficient ways to store pots and pans is by hanging them on the walls. Incorporating this idea into your wall displays can simulate a scene straight from someone’s kitchen. By combining hooks on your walls with the shelves and baskets of a display, your store can show off certain items while storing them for purchase.

Intertwine items with experiences
For more visual displays that highlight the effect new houseware could have on a shopper’s summer, the arrangements in your windows can have the greatest results on passersby. Your mannequins provide possibilities for real-life demonstrations of products in use.

Feel free to set up scenes of picnics in window displays or even a mock setup of a barbecue. Not only will your mannequins show off some of your summer clothes, but all the houseware they’re using too. With a large variety of poses and positions the mannequins for sale have, store owners can get very creative in the snapshots of summer activities they assemble.

Baskets filled with pots and Tupperware scattered around a picnic blanket with your mannequins gathered all around might be the perfect blend of products for your display, all while harnessing the summer emotions shoppers everywhere feel.

Make sure your store has showcased items readily available and easy to find within the shop, so people walking by can move right in to find what they’re looking for. Clothes aren’t the only products your mannequins and store displays can bring to attention. Just like the accessories the models wear, housewares woven into the details of mannequins can help shoppers visualize the benefits of new cooking tools.

With winter finally gone, people can start focusing on other things such as food, style and fun. Your displays represent everything the future has in store for shoppers this summer and lets them know that your store has what they need.