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Showcase your storage for dorm shoppers

Showcase your storage for dorm shoppers

When you think of dorm rooms, some of the first descriptions that come to mind are cramped and small with little storage. Whether or not your shoppers have actually seen the dorm room they will move into in the fall, they probably have a general assumption that it won't have much in the way of storage – meaning they're on the hunt for organizational tools.

Plastic containers, boxes, caddies, baskets and shelving are some of the most necessary items for college living because of the way they can organize the student's stuff and keep it contained – possibly preventing roommate conflicts!

One of the most important things to consider is whether you will have enough of your stock. Organizing and storage items are hot sellers for back-to-school, so make sure you have enough to last until the final station wagon drives off to campus.

It's also important to make your merchandise stand out from the rest. Use display fixtures and even mannequins to show how your containers can be used in a variety of ways for the most comfortable (and fashionable) dorm experience.