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Showcase scarves for mom on wall displays

Showcase scarves for mom on wall displays

Even though winter is over, that doesn’t mean you have to put all your scarves away. Scarves have become a major accessory to any outfit now, and many are made with the main function not focused on warmth, but style. As Mother’s Day approaches, get your store displays ready to showcase all the gifts shoppers will be looking for to show their appreciation. Scarves can be a small present that might bring some color to the recipient’s day. It doesn’t matter if it’s the whole gift or just a part of it, make sure you have display fixtures mounted on the walls around your tables and store racks to give customers the option.

An elegant display
While your display tables will be the main focus of some of your larger choices for gifts, not everyone will be looking for giant presents. You can exhibit scarves wrapped around mannequins for sale if it fits with the outfit, but you’ll have a far greater number of ways to show off your selection with different hooks that do more than hold your products. The different styles of hooks can be integrated with the theme of your store so they effortlessly complement the scarves hanging from them.

If you want to emphasize the spring season, use some display hooks that bring a little of the outdoors inside your shop. The birds chirping are one of the early signs that the weather is changing so harness that with some hooks that are adorned with metal birds perched above your products. Nothing reminds people more of spring than the natural materials that are in abundance outside so use that with wooden wall plaques that can hold multiple items.

Showcased the right way
Like any display for clothing, the way everything is presented is paramount. Scarves can be tricky to arrange so that the patterns are shown completely and the fabric is properly folded. The easiest method for showcasing them is with scarf hangers to ensure they look their best and aren’t consistently falling on the ground. These hangers can be used on any pegs or hooks too, which gives you a lot more freedom when scattering them around your store.

When you want to attach more scarves to larger purchases, it’s best to remind shoppers of the product close to check-out. A revolving scarf stand is a small enough display that it can be kept on a counter close to the register while still showcasing a wide variety of your scarves for sale.

Mother’s Day sits in between the changing seasons where the weather can go either way. It’ll be nice outside, but sometimes a bit brisk. It’s the perfect time for light scarves, especially because women will be putting together all kinds of bright outfits that could always use that little extra something. Bring scarves to the forefront of your store to give shoppers the chance to capitalize on this time of year with a gift for someone special to them.