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Showcase floppy beach hats on coordinated neck blocks

Showcase floppy beach hats on coordinated neck blocks

As everyone rushes to the beaches, shoppers need to be prepared for the sun’s rays to avoid unnecessary crisping. This is a great opportunity to showcase some of the accessories in your inventory that are geared more toward these types of summer excursions. Make sure your store displays are set up to emphasize the warm weather so customers are reminded about all different items they might need for their next trip to the beach.

Some of your store fixtures are better positioned than others for exhibiting these products. You need to pair the appropriate items with the right tools to show them in a visual way that’ll catch the attention of both the people looking for beach apparel and those just browsing.

Keep the sun away when it becomes too much
Some of the best accessories for helping people stay cool when at places like the beach are summer hats. These seasonal items are designed to be as literally far-reaching as possible to provide the most shade. They’re also made up of loose material to keep the wearer cool.

Unfortunately it can be a bit difficult to properly display these hats because of their floppy nature. It wouldn’t take much for a summer hat to droop down and hide a mannequin’s face and any accessories that it could be presenting, such as sunglasses.

Neck blocks are a simple solution to ensure these products are showcased the right way. A variety of colors and shapes make these fixtures versatile for any summer theme. The jersey forms they’re attached to can exhibit some of the summer dresses that might also accompany a shopper to the beach before they hit the water.

By coordinating your neck blocks, jersey forms and other displays, your store can deliver the beach products shoppers need in the most appealing way, not just for them, but for your selection as well. When the fixtures work perfectly with the inventory, everything is presented at its best.

Summer hats of all shapes and sizes
In order to display the rest if your summer hats that aren’t quite as large, a hat rack can do the job while exploring the variety of your stock. Some customers may be more interested in the style of their hat rather than its function for shielding their face. Though you can still showcase them on neck blocks, hat racks lets you put everything you have out there for people to see.

Get your summer accessories and store fixtures ready for the influx of beach-goers by letting them choose which product will best serve their lifestyle.