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Show off your store’s summer shoes in style

Show off your store’s summer shoes in style

Spring and summer are all about shoes as most ladies are tired of their heavy and dark colored boots and are ready to show off their fresh pedicures in style. Many shops order similar shoes for the season, so it's important for owners to create unique and exciting shoe displays in order to entice customers to take a closer look inside.

Shoe stores may want to update their store displays by setting up display tables with a mix of high end footwear and less expensive flip flops or sandals. This not only shows consumers that your store fits into everyone's price range, but it also fills the display with tons of color.

Because the shoes themselves will be so vibrant, the background of the display can be somewhat minimal. A great idea to add a summer vibe is to use wholesale ribbon to create nautical stripes along the back wall. You can go with classic red white and blue stripes or opt for something a little more fun, such as making stripes using shades of white, orange and pink or blue, light green and brown. Pick the striped design that works best with the collection of shoes you're displaying, but remember the hues don't need to be matchy-matchy.