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Show off your shoes with cool colors

Show off your shoes with cool colors

Retail shop owners have to manage the store while keeping up with industry trends to create a space that will entice customers to come back for more. An important factor in staying ahead of the curve is transforming the shop every few months to represent the feel of the season.

The warm weather is finally here and that means shoppers are looking for store displays that ooze the feelings of spring and summer, such as cool colors like blues and greens as well as fun accessories and popular footwear.

You can combine these ideas by creating a fabulous shoe display in your store window. Start by selecting a solid color backdrop in either a light sky blue or a more modern chartreuse hue. Using colors like these will instantly catch consumers' eyes and reel them in to take a closer look at your merchandise. Show off the season's hottest wedges and flats with fashionable fleur de lis shoe stands mixed in with a few sport sandal forms that show a customer exactly how certain sandals are meant to be worn. Set up some shoes on display tables and leave others on the floor close to the window to fill the entire space, without having it look too cluttered.