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Show off your merchandise in baskets

Show off your merchandise in baskets

Customers love one-stop shopping or anything else a store does to make their lives easier. Not only does this show the consumers that your space has everything they need, but the convenience you offer will help keep them coming back for more.

Stores looking to spruce up their shop this summer may want to consider creating gift baskets that contain all of their best products. These baskets can be made to sell, or just a fun and creative way to stray from traditional display tables. To achieve this, start by purchasing display baskets such as wire baskets in bright colors or more country baskets with burlap liners. Next, consider what you sell and figure out what products go together. For example, if you're going to create a summer basket you'll want to place a pretty towel, sandals, sunglasses and even a few bright necklaces inside to show consumers exactly what they'll need.

These baskets will not only show off your top options and what products work best together, but it also offers a fun way to dress up your store. Stick a few of your spring and summer baskets in your store display and even tuck in some fresh flowers to really express your shop's creativity.