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Should hair salons have window displays?

Should hair salons have window displays?

Most salon owners understand that because they’re working in the field of making people more beautiful, their salons should be beautiful, too. However, window displays at hair salons often get overlooked, crammed with products and hair accessories instead of being designed into a cohesive visual. There are a few easy ways hair salons can make the most of their windows to attract clients and shoppers alike.

If your salon has hair mannequins, display these in the window and make sure to keep them updated. Unlike a clothing boutique, you can’t show your style by dressing these mannequins in the latest fashions, but you can show that you are up on the trends by displaying the latest hair styles. Troll Pinterest or your favorite hairstyle blog and style your hair mannequins with some of the latest cuts and updos.

Braids are still in for fall, but as the holiday season approaches, hair salons may want to show off their updo know-how to advertise their services to women looking for the hairstyle they will wear to their holiday parties.

If you need to use your windows to store products and other hair supplies you sell, you can still arrange them in an attractive way. Consider creating a geometric pattern with bottles of shampoo or conditioner, or using props to accent the products. For instance, if your shampoo and conditioner have mint in them, use faux mint plants to add an element of natural beauty to the window display. Passersby will likely appreciate your efforts to create a beautiful display, and may be more likely to trust your stylists to create a beautiful cut or style for their hair.