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Shake up your shoe display

Shake up your shoe display

Shoe displays can be some of the trickier ones to design – getting creative while still showing off your merchandise isn't easy, and it may seem like you've tried every idea in the book. However, if people don't seem to be running toward your shoe selection, here are some ideas that might make the display more attractive.

Make over your shoe rack

Sometimes, your store might just need a little kick of color to make it stand out. If you have a wire folding shoe rack or an elegant shoe stand, consider spray painting it a bold new color. This will give the shoes a brighter backdrop and might spice up your entire store's decor!

Finagling furniture

You may think of glass cases as reserved for jewelry or other expensive accessories, but display fixtures and furniture with glass doors can be an elegant way to show off shoes, too! Because they are behind glass, they may actually be more attractive to shoppers, since they will seem to be in the spotlight. You can even light the glass cabinet to draw even more attention.

Whether you get a brand new display case or find an old wardrobe or cabinet with glass doors at a flea market or antique shop is up to you!

Reinventing the shoe rack

When you enter a store, you're probably not surprised to see shoes arranged neatly on shelves and racks on the wall. However, if your shoe display looks like this, there's not much to distinguish it from every other shoe store in town. Instead of regular shelving, try painting an old wooden ladder against the wall and hanging heels from its bars. Or, create your own racks on the walls using Victorian wooden trim. A flattering, swirly design on the trim will add an elegant touch to your store's walls and will rest most shoes perfectly.

The power of the window

Of course, one of the main places you will attract customers is your store windows, so this is the place you want to get really creative. Try going without store fixtures at all! Instead, hang a variety of shoes at random heights and intervals from the ceiling. Passersby will stop to take a second look at this "raining shoes" display!